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Mesures de lieux dans la vallée des centenaires (équateur)

ecuador-1423059_640Ecuador Energies

 Konstantin Korotkov, Christian Bordes

In August 2013 during Ecuadorian expedition we had a chance to measure energy in different places using two BioWell instruments with Sputnik sensor. Data were collected in different time of the day. As every morning we were travelling to new interesting places. We started our trip in Quito at the altitude 2600 m above see level, and then in two weeks we traveled through all the country from North to the South reaching altitudes up to 5000 m. Our trip ended at Galapagos islands, at see level. In parallel with Sputnik measurements practically every day we recorded the level of energy from 15 members of our expedition to monitor their level of health. Fig.1 presents the graph of energy in different days together with the graph of the altitudes where data were collected. Fig.2 presents the graph of standard deviation of the Bio-grams area.

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