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Report on the experiments during workshop

fractal-1793218_640Report on the experiments during workshop, Spain Sept. 2012 KOROTKOV K, BORDES C

In mid-September Christian and Sylvie Bordes organized a trip to Aragon, Spain. On Friday 14 .09 forty people arrived by cars by a serpentine road to a wonderful place in the mountains and spent a night in a little cozy hotel. In the morning Sylvie and Konstantin Korotkov went to a little chapel in the mountains “Juan and Pablo Ermita” constructed in the XIth century. We put “Sputnik” sensor inside the chapel and started measurements around 8 am. Sun was only rising, so all the hill was in a shadow. Recorded signal of Energy was slowly decreasing (see graphs below). At some moment sun rose up from the hill and a peak was recorded by the instrument, which is clearly seen at the graph of signal Variation. Inside the chapel was still shadow as there was only one little window.

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